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here's our story

I'm a British Jersey girl!  Which means I was born in England, but raised in New Jersey. That explains so much about my personality; I tell it to you striaght while sipping a cuppa Earl Grey.   I fell in love with David while pursuing a music career in Nashville, TN.  After the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, David and I felt drawn to respond by planting a church in Times Square NYC.  Being messengers of hope during that season was an incredible honor.  The church grew and we begin to plant other congregations.

One of those congregations was in Philadelphia.  We traveled between NYC and Philly for a season, but then moved to the city of Brotherly Love. That's when we adopted our sons, brothers from Ethiopia.  Chernet was 6 and Misganaw was about to turn 4.

Becoming a mom to my rambunctious boys changed everything!  Date nights went from Broadway shows and fancy dinners to soccer fields and Chick-fil-A. 

After visiting friends in Austin, TX, we asked God if He loved us enough to let us live there too.  He did!! 

We bought a home in the Lake Travis school district. Go LT!

Dazzled by the "Friday Night Lights" in Texas, our boys traded their passion for Futbal to Football and I'm loving it!

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